He and I were already friends, but in one moment…. his act of kindness, I knew then he would be a ‘forever friend’ and the action that he decided to take to help me make this decision, instantly stamped that he will always be ALRIGHT with me. What did he do? He showed that he cared about me. At 15 things had changed for me seemingly overnight pertaining to my home life. This guy gave me what I needed more than I knew, before that moment.

I don’t remember too much about those days, my parents had separated, I did have a boyfriend, (save that situation for another blog) and I was just faking my happiness, it was hard to do that because honestly, I was beyond confused at how fast my mom and I moved from the only place I know and the people who were the most familiar with. I hate for things to change now, so back then I was horrified, however, I was given no choice. When situations like that happen especially as quickly as they happened, it’s common for the kid (me) to get caught up in the crossfire… It sucked because both of my parents have good aims. So, yeah I ‘going through it’, would have been an understatement.

He’s ALRIGHT with me though

Anyway, we would walk to our last class together. He would take the long way around just to walk and talk with me. It was quick break from my boyfriend and his girlfriend, (high school relationships were tiresome) we had something in common lol! It was raining so hard one day. I had definitely picked the wrong day to wear a dress and don’t get me started on the shoes, (cute shoes) those alone guaranteed I would be soaked not just from walking through the rain, but also busting my ass would be inevitable. That rain was going hard and I could tell that it wasn’t going to let up. My friend could have left me there and turned around and walked the ‘dry’, way to class, but he didn’t.

My friend looked down at me, I’m guessing he saw the panic in my eyes. Next thing I know he had scooped me in his arms and covered me with the jacket he had been wearing throwing it across me. He had me inside that classroom completely dry, however, he was gone before I could thank him. I was shocked, seriously because I know my boyfriend wouldn’t have thought to do anything like that, (why did I date Jason?). I was thankful, so thankful that I ran to the bathroom and cried. My tears matched the rain falling outside. While I was crying I remembered what I had been praying about and I asked for: “God, please show me that someone cares about me.” God answered that through my friend.

That was one of the first lessons of knowing that God’s timing is perfect because I wouldn’t have made it another week. God used my forever friend and he was just being kind to me, to save me from myself. After I got it together, (from crying in the bathroom) I knew that dude would always be ‘ALRIGHT” with me.

He and I are adults now and he is living his life and I am living mine, I’m proud of us both. I’ve never told him, but he knows no matter what he can always call and text me. We argue for no reason, act like brother and sister…. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Crazy, thing is I remember that moment as if it were yesterday, however other moments back then within our friendship I can’t remember… God answered my prayer through that dude. That is why that particular dude, as grouchy as he is lol, I will always have, huge love for him in my heart.

I wonder why I never told him? Oh! I remember why I didn’t he would have been too grouchy to listen and that is ALRIGHT with me too!


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