About Me:

Kelli Brooks

“Love is a rollercoaster that none of us can get off” -K. Brooks

When I initially started this particular blog, I don’t know what I was thinking. I definitely didn’t create it out of love, I guess I just wanted a blog. Love is a lot of things and comes in so many different forms seen and unseen. Love can be standing right in front of us or it can be a random feather on the ground that symbolizes something spiritual being translated as love. I have had my ups and downs with love that I couldn’t see because my ego was in the way, my flesh wanted love to look just ONE way. Thankfully, God changed that, I went on a journey with Him or a journey looking for God in every aspect. My spirit yearned to know more about Him. I’m still on the journey, but I found Him, God was waiting on me to show me the abundance of Love, Mercy, Grace, Joy, Happiness….etc, that He has been giving me since I’ve been on this earth. I was just too selfish to see, and also blind to what was going on. Like I stated before when I created this blog I wasn’t in a good place, so I told true stories, however, the lessons that I learned weren’t real, well they were real, I just really didn’t accept the lessons, and just knew that I could help others. I’m excited about the renewal of ‘My Lovely Place’. Real love is truly power and with a mindset of yeah it happened, it hurt, or just a random blog about how I feel is okay with me….. this time it’s truly me… Love ya’ll…. Now back to the ‘Rollercoaster of Love’!!!!